Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's NaNoEdMo!

To a lot of NaNoWriMo participants (affectionately called WriMos), December is unofficially National Novel Editing Month (NaNoEdMo). What this means is that you print off your huge pile of paper containing your huge pile of words. The you get a red pen, take a deep breath, and see if you've managed to write anything at all good, or if it's only good for kindling. Ahhhhhhhh, editing.

I began reading my novel on Wednesday evening, and the 10 pages I read were pretty good. I read another 35 on the plane, and they were pretty good. I'm up to page 109, and while there have been some typos, some threads I know I left hanging, and a couple of sentences that desperately needed reworking, it is *dare I say it* pretty darn good!

OK, let me say that I don't consider that pride. First of all, when you write nearly 90,000 words in 23 days and don't read a single word of it while you're going, you honestly have no idea if it's horrible, wonderful, or mediocre. You hope it's at least good enough to be worth the effort to edit, but you're afraid it's just total garbage. Starting to read it was, literally, terrifying!

This was my view yesterday morning before I got to work editing. How can you not be calm looking at that??

So here's my (surprising) thoughts half way through:

* I actually put together a cohesive story. As much as I grumbled about all the research in October, that really paid off.

* So far my people have really good dialogue, and sound different from each other. A little disclaimer here - I used to get paid to rewrite other people's dialogue, so that is my strong suit. Still, it's hard, and I haven't done it in years, so it's a nice surprise.

* My characters aren't one dimensional cut outs. Writing adventure, there's not a lot of room for background information, but I think they seem pretty fleshed out, not Mary Jane's (overly perfect).

* It appears... and I'm halfway through, so this one might be wrong... but it appears that I have managed to write an adventure that is interesting and exciting without killing vast numbers of people (I don't kill anybody), blowing up historic landmarks, or breaking too many laws. And without very much cussing. Or sex. (All of that might disqualify me from calling it "adventure" these days!)

Yes, it needs work. I'm going to finish editing and fix all the obvious things, add the couple of chapters I realized I forgot, and then print it out again. I told my daughter she could read it when she was done with the semester, so this first draft edit will be completed by Dec 17... I'm willing to let some of you read it, so let me know if you're interested!  Probably only a handful at this stage, but I will be wanting some feedback. I think.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! And thanks so much for all your support in November. It was great having a whole bunch of cheerleaders!

Basically I just love skies!


Betsy Blackman said...

Ok, I may have missed it, but what is your novel about? I have always wanted to write a suspense novel, but loving to read them is one thing. Writing them is something entirely different! Good luck with the editing!


Jennings said...

Betsy, it's a treasure hunt adventure around the world gala and hoopla kind of thing. :o) I read those and mysteries mostly, and that seemed "easier" to write for NaNo.