Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blue nail polish, belt, and high heels. It's date night!

Today, I applied blue nail polish to my fingernails. This is somewhat epic, because a) I almost never wear fingernail polish (but almost always wear toenail polish), and b) I've never, ever worn blue, green, candy colored, or seriously purple polish before. I'm not sure if one's nail polish should match one's jewelry or not, but mine currently matches my sapphires... and I actually like it a lot.
I'm also wearing a belt in a weird location - over my shirt and somewhere between my waist and my hips. I am unclear on why this actually works with this outfit, which is a loose sort of sheer top with a cami underneath, jeans, and a long black sweater, but it does. I tried on 4 belts, all on different parts of my torso, before stumbling on this combination, and I think it might be considered... untraditional. But hey, at 46, whatever works, right?

And I'm also wearing platform heels. Which I love love love! I have these shoes in two different colors and I like them because they're cool, because I'm much closer to my tall husband's face with them on, and because my short legs look long. OK, longish. But longish is better than shortish, which is their usual condition.

So all this is because my husband and I are going on a date! Yippee! We haven't been on a date in awhile, between life, bad backs, busy schedules, and all that. And I didn't think we'd get on one before Christmas, for sure. Happy happy!

PS. What is the deal with those times when you suddenly are feeling 20 lbs heavier?  Not over a couple of weeks... I mean over a couple of hours! I was minding my own business this afternoon, and suddenly I felt like I'd eaten some kind of gigantic smorgabord. Hormones? Humidity? Too much baking (which I didn't even eat!)? What's up with that?

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