Sunday, November 11, 2007


Let me say that I am not a linear person. I realize that all tonal painting is done the same way, but things like straight angles of roofs and such raise my blood pressure! Of the 3 paintings this weekend this was my least favorite both to do, and finished, but I did learn a lot. Especially that I hate mixing greens!

I think this photo has less glare since the paint isn't wet. I was a little annoyed - turns out a class did come in after us (a lot of us had left our stuff in the room) and they basically threw our paintings around. This one was dropped on a corner, and apparently landed face down, as there was debris on it this morning. I was able to clean it off, but there's a nice thumb print on it!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Still Life Day...

I don't know why I find doing still lifes to be the most mentally tiring... I didn't have my own picture, so I looked at this lady's to the front/side, and also Dominic's in front. It was actually good to have the photo farther away so I saw less detail. I will have to tape pictures to the window in my studio from now on!

Friday, November 9, 2007

So excited! Another Vignola workshop...

Day one of 3 days of Dominic Vignola workshops, at Art of the Carolinas here in Raleigh. Today we did portraits (my favorite!), and I was pretty pleased with mine. I hope to have a little time on Sunday to touch it up, after the paint is a little more dry, but overall, as Dominic said, the subject's friends would recognize him, and that's a good thing!

BTW, after some requests, I figured out how to load "large" pictures. I apparently had a default of "medium" so they couldn't be clicked on and enlarged. So if you it is!