Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My view today...

My view today is not actually from the sunroom. I'm sitting in the living room of the house we rented in Marathon, Florida (in the Keys!), looking out over the Gulf of Mexico. The cold front that's freezing the rest of you came down here last evening, and we're going to have a day of 25-30mph winds and chill. Which is 61 degrees. Brrrrr, huh? The only real downside is that the wind direction is hitting us square on. That's not too much downside, in my opinion.
The view from the living room...

We've had quite an adventure since arriving. The weather until last night has been great, and we've done a lot of kayaking (everyone else) and paddle boarding (me). Ryan and I went down to Bahia Honda State Park and walked on the calm, gorgeous Atlantic facing beaches and enjoyed the clear water and sunshine. (And ice cream after!) We had fresh caught lobster and fresh picked corn last night. 

We went snorkeling and our boat picked up an almost-dead snorkeler unconscious in the water, drifting away with the current, from another boat. We all thought he'd died - he had CPR for probably 45 min. But I found out yesterday that they got him to the hospital here, got him on life support, and took him by Life Flight to Miami, where he is in stable condition. That is a pure-T miracle, without a doubt.

This Florida girl is happy to be in Florida again. I'll even take a cool, windy day - which won't, by the way, keep me from having grouper and a Key West Ale for lunch. 

Happy new year, y'all... don't freeze!

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Becky said...

Sounds like you all are on a big adventure! Glad to know that the person pulled from the water will be okay. Enjoy your yummy lunch.