Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Life and NaNoWriMo and stuff.

In one of those amazing confluxes of cosmic timing, I have a medium-sized kitchen remodel starting today. That means, first off, that my old extra fridge is now gone. Did I consider that Thanksgiving is next week when I planned this? Nope.

This is a lady cooking in Uganda. She doesn't even have one refrigerator. Or a roof. Or a pantry. So this is my inspiration... Although I may not go so far as to cook Thanksgiving dinner outside on charcoal. Just sayin.

I also have to empty all my pantry out, and move all my baking stuff out, and all my fine china and crystal out. "Out where?" you ask. Well, therein lies the problem. I started moving it out to my dining room, thinking it would be easy to get pasta and cereal and all that stuff we use everyday. UNTIL the realization that IT IS THANKSGIVING NEXT WEEK once again hit me. I don't know about you, but Thanksgiving eaten on a sofa with a plate on your lap while looking longingly at a table full of stuff where you should be eating just ain't the same. So...

After moving a whole bunch of stuff to the dining room, I re-moved it to another room which is way less convenient. I only got halfway done because I had writing to do (oh NaNoWriMo, how you consume my time!). So this morning I woke up in a panic because demo starts today (and for those of you who have never had the joys of remodeling, that's demolition not demonstration) and I still have a TON of stuff to move. Stuff I need. Stuff we use. Food stuff. Stuff stuff. OK, there's a lot of STUFF, but it still has to be moved!

Our portable storage unit. We don't have a garage. Do I have this here now? No. More bad planning? Yes.

On a good note, I wrote almost 5,000 words yesterday and crossed the 60,000 word mark. A shout out must go to my #1 son Zeke (mostly because if he reads this and there isn't one, he'll post a comment that says, "you're welcome"), who insisted I keep writing when I realized I was a little less than 700 words from 60k. He said, "Come on, mom, that's only a short essay!" (Later on he said, "I don't know how you people do NaNo... I'm having trouble with my last paragraph!" So apparently the cheerleading was a load of bull, but it did get me over that milestone.)

In other news... ok there is no other news. This is the sum total of my life in November. The good other news is that we're past the halfway point, and there is the promise of uninterrupted sleep only two weeks away.

Meet Tavish. He's my grandmother's dog. He's cute. The end.

Happy writing, fellow WriMos!

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