Thursday, September 1, 2011

New tweezers and a big revelation

I got new tweezers today. Really exciting, I know. But as I was grooming my eyebrows (which sounds a lot more *ahem* highbrow than "plucking"), I thought, "Wow! These are great tweezers! I can get every little hair!" And then I realized my old tweezers were like that when I got them, too.

So what's that got to do with a big revelation? Well, in the natural world, we find this happens a lot. We get a new knife and realize how dull our old knife was. Scissors. Tweezers. We don't realize as we're using these things day in and day out that they are losing their edge. That they are becoming dull. We don't really remember how easily the knife used to slice the tomato, or the scissors cut paper. Until we get the new one and we are confronted with how bad it's become.

And it hit me as I was plucking with my delightfully calibrated tweezers. We do this spiritually. All the time. We go along with a routine - for me, my morning quiet time. We read the Bible every day, in the same way, and we don't realize until we are taken out of our routine that we really haven't been paying attention for awhile. Or we use the same daily devotional, and it's not til after the 2nd year, when we get a new one, that we realize we just weren't getting anything out of it for quite some time. Even prayer - are we really spending time with God, or just going through a check list and getting it done?

So what conclusion did I draw while looking at my face in the scary magnifying mirror? That we need to intentionally keep it fresh in all aspects of our life. Our relationship with God first and foremost, but also with our spouse, our kids, and our household implements.... We don't want to be going along in a fog, not living life the way our Father wants us to, not loving in a finely tuned way.

Just a thought... Happy grooming!

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